Terms and Conditions

• Enrolment 

1. Enrolment to Regency Ballet School for Boys (RBSFB) can be made at any time during the year.

2. However, if the class they are enrolling in is already full the student will either be placed on a waiting list for that class or offered an alternate class.

3. A student’s acceptance to the school is subject to receiving a completed enrolment form and is at the sole discretion of the Principal of RBSFB.

4. The enrolment form can be found on the school website and printed off for each child or alternatively a form can be requested over the telephone or via email. 

5. Students are expected to arrive punctually before their class is due to begin and have time to warm up correctly for class.

6. Students are expected to wear the correct RBSFB uniform for all syllabus classes they wish to participate in.

7. Any teacher representing RBSFB may reserve the right to refuse entry to any student who they deem unfit to take part in the class due to; unsuitable attire, footwear, injury or general well-being.

• Equal opportunities

1. RBSFB are committed to ensuring that every Student is treated with the highest level of respect, courtesy and dignity whilst in their care.

2. RBSFB is dedicated to the promotion of equality of opportunity to all its students irrespective of race, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation and age.  



1. Parents & Guardians of students currently enrolled on courses/classes at RBSFB will receive an invoice on the last week of the current term. 

2. Fees are payable in full, for the term, on the first week back

3. Failure to pay the student’s fees in full will result in your booking being cancelled and the student’s space being offered to the next person on the waiting list for that class/course.

4. No reduction or reimbursement will be offered for absence from class, including sickness, bereavement, and holiday.

5. Classes cannot be made up at a later date or by taking an alternative class during the same week or any other week during the term.

6. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer (Please ask for details)

7. Cash payments must be accompanied by a copy of your invoice in an envelope so that your payment can be clearly identified.  

8. Cheques should be made payable to Stephen McCullough. Please ensure student’s name and invoice number is clearly marked on the reverse of all cheques, so that your payment can be clearly identified. 

9. Bank transfer payments must have a reference of the child’s name and invoice number so that your payment can be clearly identified. 

10. RBSFB accepts no responsibility for lost or mislaid payments due to Parents/Guardians attaching inadequate references to their payments in lieu of fees.  

11. Students who have not paid their fees in full will not be permitted to attend classes until fees have been settled in full.  RBSFBRBSFB reserves the right to refuse entry to any Student who has outstanding payments. 

12. Failure to pay your child’s fees in full within 14 days of the start of term may result in your booking being cancelled and the student’s space being offered to the next person on the waiting list for that class.

13. Once term starts RBSFB cannot offer any refunds offered in any circumstances such as; illness, injury, holiday, bereavement, or absence of any other kind.

• Giving Notice

1. In the event of Parents/Guardians wishing to cancel their child’s space for the following term, we ask that parents give half a term’s notice, so that students on our waiting list can be informed of a class availability 

• Health and Safety 

1. It is the responsibility of Students/Parents/Guardians to disclose any prior or existing medical conditions and special educational needs on the booking form required for each Student’s booking form completed.  

2. It is the responsibility of the Student/Parent/Guardian to ensure they/their child has sought the appropriate medical advice prior to the acceptance of a place in a class.  

3. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of the course for you/your child please consult your Doctor before attending any classes

4. Failure to do so may result in a Student being unable to safely join in a class/course they wish to take. 

5. It is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to ensure that all medication required by their child is always with them. 

6. All medication must be taken into the studio at the beginning of every lesson so that it is at-hand during every class in case it is needed.

7. Students are required to ensure that any jewelry/watches is removed before attending class, and that hair is tied away from the face. 

8. Students who require glasses are strongly advised to use contact lenses whilst taking part in class.  If this is not possible Students are advised to explore other safety measures such as a safety strap whilst dancing.

9. Student’s personal details may from time to time, be shared and discussed with other teachers, or representatives of Brighton Ballet School, at the discretion of the Principal of Regency Ballet School.

10. It is the responsibility of the Student/Parent/Guardian to notify the Teacher or representative of RBS of any new or additional medical conditions that could affect their performance or general well-being.  Failure to do so could seriously risk the student’s health and the future of their place within their class. 

11. It is furthermore accepted by the Student/Parent/Guardian that the engagement in dance is a physical activity that may incur injury such as falls, sprains, twisted ligaments, and that the Student/Parent/Guardian accepts and assumes full responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or adverse consequence suffered as a result of engaging in dance excluding loss or damage suffered as the direct consequence of negligent breach of duty of care by RBS or any Teachers representing Regency Ballet School.

• Code of Practice

The following practices are in place to reassure parents and carers that children in our care are safe:

1. All teachers and guest teachers have an up-to-date CRB Disclosure 

2. The school has public liability insurance that is renewed each year.

3. Teachers have Registered teacher status with the BBOdance (British Ballet Organization) and 

4. undertake training courses to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and their professional development is advanced.

• Code of Conduct

1. High standards of behavior are expected of all pupils to encourage discipline and respect for others. This includes listening attentively and avoiding disturbing the learning and concentration of others. Children who consistently misbehave in class may be asked to leave the group.

2. RBS has a zero tolerance policy to negative, abusive or disorderly behaviour therefore Teachers representing RBS reserve the right to ask students, Parents, Guardians, friends and families of students to leave the premises if their behaviour is deemed unsuitable or unproductive for the class or school setting. 

3. Any teacher representing BBS is committed to conducting themselves with the highest standard of professional behaviour within the class setting, encouraging a positive, welcoming, supportive atmosphere for Students to learn in. 

4. It is expressly forbidden for Students, Parents or Guardians to carry or consume any alcoholic beverage or banned substance to any of the buildings used by RBS 

5. Regency Ballet School reserve the right to refuse entry to any Student, Parent or Guardian they believe might be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance.

• Safeguarding 

1. Safeguarding refers to practice that ensures the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. It is about creating an environment where the welfare of children and young people is actively promoted, helping them to achieve their potential and ensuring that they are safe and adequately cared for. 

2. Work has been undertaken to keep abreast of current principles of child protection, or safeguarding, including an awareness of the four categories of abuse and of the legal obligation to be alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and to report significant concern about pupils to the child protection agencies. Priority is given to establishing an atmosphere where children feel secure and not threatened by bullying from other children.

• Child Protection

1. RBS takes the safety of all its Students very seriously.  All instructors, assistants, volunteers and musicians are fully vetted and fully CRB checked before they can teach or assist with any class or performance. 

2. Students under the age of 16 years of age must obtain permission and consent from their Parents/Guardians to attend any classes, and subsequently all documentation including booking forms, medical and consent forms must be signed by Parent/Guardian. 

3. No Student under the age of 13 years of age may leave the class unless accompanied by a named Parent or Guardian by prior arrangement. 

4. Male parents and carers should use the male changing room when helping change their children into dance clothing and equally female parents and carers should use the female changing room.

• Physical Contact 

1. In the course of teaching dance, it may be necessary on occasions to use physical contact as an aid to correct student’s technique or adjust postural alignment. This is in accordance with standard practice that avoids touching sensitive parts of the body. 

2. A student who feels uncomfortable with being physically manipulated may approach the teacher in confidence and ask them not to do so in future. 

3. Parents/guardians who have any concerns regarding this aspect of class are invited to contact the Principal of RBS to discuss this further. 

• Viewing times

1. Parents are welcome to watch their child’s performance on the last class of each term

2. Any Parent/guardian wishing to observe their child during term time my --- permission from the principle of RBS before hand

• Photography and Filming

1. RBS may use photography and video recordings during classes in-order to aid learning, and during performances for the use of marketing and promotional purposes.  

2. Full consent will always be obtained prior to any video recording or photograph being used for promotional purposes by the parent/guardian of student. 

3. Photography of pupils while on Regency Ballet School premises without expressed permission is strictly forbidden. (This includes stills, videos, smartphone apps such as Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, and similar means of recording images.) 

4. No unauthorised photography or video recordings will be permitted by students, their friends or family during classes, performances, shows or demonstrations.  

• Changes to content and timetable

1. RBS reserves the right to amend or change; dates times and venues of classes or postpone classes altogether due to failure of equipment, building faults and other factors including force majeure. 

2. In these circumstances refund or compensation may only be offered to the Student/Parent/Guardian at the discretion of the Principal of the school. 

• Data protection

1. Personal information is limited to that which you fill out on the registration form when enrolling. This includes names of pupil and the parent or guardian filling out the form, the pupil’s date of birth, the address, telephone numbers, email address and voluntary information on any medical condition that might affect the pupil and his/her physicality.

2. The information is kept for a reasonable period of time after the contract ends and a pupil leaves the school and then paper forms are destroyed.

3. You may enquire at any time to see a copy of your personal information held by the school.

4. RBS takes handling Students data seriously and will hold all personal details securely. 

5. Any information provided is protected and only used by the School

6. RBS guarantees not to disclose such information to any unauthorised person and is never shared with any third party.  

7. RBS acts as Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and all personal information will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

8. It is the responsibility of student parents/guardians to ensure that the information given is correct, accurate and kept up to date.  

9. RBS reserves the right to update, change and amend these Terms & Conditions at any time, as deemed necessary to ensure the safe and continued delivery of service to their students and will publish any changes via the school website.

10. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to regularly review the Terms & Conditions to ensure they are aware of any changes made by Regency Ballet School.  

11. RBS may wish to contact you in the future with details of other courses, classes, discounts and promotional offers that we consider of interest to you. 

• Liability

1. RBS accepts no liability for personal injury or death of any Student unless directly caused by the proven negligence of RBS or any teachers representing Regency Ballet School. 

2. RBS accepts no liability for Students valuable possessions such as jewelry, watches and electronic items. Students who bring valuable items to class do so at their own risk. 

Complaints procedures 

1. In the unlikely event that a student or parent/guardian has a complaint, full details should be made in writing to the Principal of Brighton Ballet School.  Any complaint will be responded to within 10 working days. 

• Any Concerns

If you do have any concerns regarding any of the above mentioned please feel free to contact me with your questions and I will be happy to speak with you on  079 2345 9177 or you can email me at: regencyballetschool@hotmail.com