Aims and Mission

Countless generations have been inspired and entertained by the beauty and strength of Classical Ballet, a powerful and elegant art form requiring of its dancers, real strength, discipline and stamina. At Regency Ballet School for Boys we not only want to provide an opportunity for boys to dance and train but equip them with the skills required to develop into strong dancers and endow them with a love of dance that will enrich their lives. 

We aim to widen access to dance for every boy, fostering an appreciation of classical ballet through teaching to the highest possible standard in a warm supportive environment where students can flourish and grow. We believe dance should be a personally rewarding experience and we are commitment to imparting ideals and principles which every student can follow for the rest of their lives.  By instilling such values as discipline, responsibility and perseverance our students will also increase their own self-esteem as they develop and grow. 

The ethos of Regency Ballet school for Boys involves establishing a relaxed atmosphere where students can enjoy themselves while being encouraged to work hard. We are dedicated to the improvement of every student, emphasizing excellence in technique whilst assisting our students in the fulfilment of self-expression.  It is crucial that all dancers receive the individual attention they require to master their lessons and through supporting them with serious instruction our students, while experiencing the joy of dance, can hopefully achieve their full potential.